Is it Love?

When they say they love you, what does this mean? That they’ll make a sad face knowing you’re alone in Saturday night? that they’ll pity your state of mind knowing you’re going through depression or that they’ll attend your funeral ?

Words cost nothing, also, they are easy to use. In this materialistic world, even things get attached with the amount of love one wants to portray he has for another. For example, a rose for the first date, a bunch, for the valentines day. I mean, dude! your roses don’t mean anything If you can’t make her feel more loved from date 1 to next valentines day! People can be more deceiving about this when they don’t have the clear idea about what do they even want with you! For some, they just need a helping hand in the assignments, for some to dump all the displacements , for some to just hang out in the free time, and luckily for some, to share the life as it comes. When people don’t actually know what do they actually want with the other person, and, thus is unable to convey that to the other, communication gap strikes first slots of arguments and problems.I mean, yes, you may just want a girlfriend to talk about every problem in your life, share perspective and grow; so you can’t have a person who wants to party all day and is tired from the busy life always, right? Understanding what being loved means to you, opens answers to what kind of a person you want to be with. Just for the sake of attention, for desire, for making yourself feel accepted – are times when you feel you are in love. But are you?


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Reader. Writer. But tea first. Book addict & Art Enthusiast. I prefer reeds than strings. humming than singing.

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