No, learn to fake now!

There is a moment when you’re 13 and then boom! suddenly you’re 23. When adulthood is pressing onto you, and you look back at how your life was 10 years back (that feels like yesterday) and you stand shocked for a while seeing how long from there you’ve come.. and

  • unemployment
  • a sudden break up
  • lack of quality friends
  • fatigue
  • expectations of the family building up on you…

    and other things make sure that adulthood becomes unbreathable for you. So how do you escape this game you’re least interested to play?

    You don’t escape; You fake it till you become it: the one who can face it all, have courage to go through it all and then be able to manage it all.

    ofcourse you’ll be scared or anxious or irritated in the first place. But if you think that you will fake it till you make it (i.e, just get a job or forget about a heartbreak) it wouldn’t change your mental mechanisms to manage things that are similar, in the future. So fake it, till you become it, till you know how to manage the anxiety , the stress of unemployment so if ever you don’t have a job at hand, you’re not giving in to relatives’ stupid questions and queries in self doubt. So, when after a break up you still want to text that guy back but know he’s toxic for you, fake it to yourself that he’s not anymore important, keep saying, convincing this to yourself till it becomes reality . 

    And when you finally reach there, you are at such abundance of confidence and positivity within that it feels worth all that struggle initially you have to put up with in the beginning.

    So don’t stop just when you make it, become it.

    Watch Amy Cuddy talking about it (probably better than me 😅 kidding she elaborates it better)


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