Same Pinch!

Photo by: Tanja Heffner

You have felt that too, didn’t you? 

That lump-kind feeling inside of the chest. As if some of the edgy, hard feelings gathered up and formed this and now sits heavy on your heart. 

Sometimes this is because some past particle demands your attention, some of the little moments keep ringing at your door: how you were happy at that time.. for a while you can’t even remember why did you give up on things and people that made you happy.. for a while.. sor some, this while can be become longer too..

But after all this wondering, pulling and pushing yourself in guilt and grief and unknown-feelings, stands the realization: Why you even began this journey – without all that? Because those happy little things came shorter than the aches and apathy attached to them. That you have certainly gone further for them, a little more further than you actually go, but then the results did not make you happier!
The realization that we are spiritual beings who need growth all through the life, correlates with the fact that anything or anyone that stops it, hampers it, is better to be let gone.

So same pinch to those who have been feeling like this lately, or have, recently. You are not alone. Let us realize that we have been through hard times, and we have had our share of pleasure and pain (in the ass) and now, but it is time to pat on your own shoulder now . 

You’ve done great. Keep your head high. You are doing great! ❤


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Reader. Writer. But tea first. Book addict & Art Enthusiast. I prefer reeds than strings. humming than singing.

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