Supposing that life has given me a hell lot of lemons, I’m making lemonade out of it. Interested sharing some? ‘Cause legends (or people who deal with lemons well) say, make lemonades from some, sell others at overpriced rates, use the profit to buy more lemons and keep doing it till you don’t build up a billion dollar lemon enterprise! Huhahahahaha!! (evil laughter) (kidding)

Okay this might have seemed weird and so am I. But human all the same, so I get sad, happy, angry and worried too. And also, human mind mechanism gives me wonders. So my words follow. I believe you and me are complete different persons and yet can sit for a coffee (or a lemonade too) and talk about, discuss, agree-disagree and through that gain some good sight of ourselves! DO leave your opinions if you are reading (if anyone is reading). Afterall, our individuality is what makes us unique!

So, This be my escape. From the life that is partly in my control, rest is running crazy.

So, This be my portal to reach you all whom I know, and all I’d love to know exists.